Testability is very important

Skinny Framework puts emphasis on testable application development and provides toolkit for testing.

How to run tests

Simply use skinny command or sbt directly.

# run all the tests
./skinny test

# run single test
./skinny testOnly model.MemberSpec

# run only failed tests
./skinny testQuick

# run multiple tests under controller package when changes are detected
./skinny ~testOnly controller.*Spec

ORM Tests

Here is some examples:


package model

import org.joda.time._
import org.scalatest._
import org.scalatest.fixture.FunSpec
import skinny._
import skinny.test._
import scalikejdbc._
import scalikejdbc.scalatest._

class MemberSpec extends FunSpec with AutoRollback with Matchers with DBSettings {

  override def fixture(implicit session: DBSession) {
    // do fixtures stuff

  describe("Member") {
    it("should find all entities") { implicit session =>
      Member.findAll().size should be >(0)

Mocked Controller Tests

Skinny provides MockController trait for light-weight controller tests.

package controller

class RootController extends ApplicationController {
  def index = render("/root/index")

import org.scalatest._
import skinny.DBSettings
import skinny.test.MockController

class RootControllerSpec extends FunSpec with Matchers with DBSettings {

  describe("RootController") {
    it("shows top page") {
      val controller = new RootController with MockController
      controller.contentType should equal("text/html; charset=utf-8")
      controller.renderCall.map(_.path) should equal(Some("/root/index"))


Be aware of following points when you use MockController:

MockController cannot handle skinny.micro.control.HaltException

HaltException is very exceptional operation by Skinny Micro. HaltException is not an Exception but a Throwable. Furthermore, it mutes all the stack traces.

When you call halt method or redirect method, HaltException will be thrown.

We recommend you using redirect302 instead because it is excellent with MockController testing.

Integration Tests

Skinny Micro offers a great test toolkit with embedded Jetty server and easy-to-use DSL. Of course, you can use them without any problem.

Below is an integration test example with scalatra-test.

package integrationtest

import org.skinny.test._
import skinny.DBSettings 
import skinny.test.SkinnyTestSupport
import _root_.controller.Controllers
import org.scalatest._

class IntegrationTestSpec extends SkinnyFlatSpec with Matchers with SkinnyTestSupport with  DBSettings {
  addFilter(Controllers.members, "/*")

  it should "show index page" in {
    withSession("userId" -> "Alice") {
      get("/members") { 
        status should equal(200) 
        body should contain("something")

Coverage Report

If you need a code coverage report, use coverage test instead.


./skinny test:coverage

More Examples

It’s the fastest way to learn is seeing generated tests by scaffold command.

And also some examples here may be helpful for you:


See also: FactoryGirl

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